Fat Girl Thin - Vanilla Strawberry Chocolate

Fat Girl Thin – Vanilla Strawberry Chocolate

Painting 29 of 30 – September 2014, 30 Paintings 30 Days Challenge

In the beginning I kept my weight loss journey quietly to myself. Gradually, I would share on occasion with a close friend or relative that they were correct that I had indeed lost weight, but would keep the details for the most part somewhat limited. In general, I like to keep such personal issues, personal. Especially since I didn’t want criticism (real or perceived), or judgment passed on me by others. Deciding to do the “Fat Girl Thin” theme for the 30 paintings 30 days challenge was extremely difficult. I was in love with the idea and concept of what I could do artistically with the project, but I was terrified to open myself to others and share such a personal journey. The moment I decided to commit to the theme for the project, my fears went away – leaving my mind and heart open to share.

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