Fat Girl Thin

Fat Girl Thin

An Original Art Series by Amy Yosmali

I was fat. I still am, but not nearly as much as before. I didn’t become fat overnight; I had a myriad of health issues throughout my adult life that can best be described as a roller coaster ride of hormones, medical procedures, and comfort eating in between. My weight fluctuated as I tried to handle these medical and personal issues. Eventually, weight just became too big a problem and I found myself stuck in the “Fat Zone”.

Each of us looks at the problem of overweight differently. We are all different when it comes to motivation, inspiration, and drive. Some see their problem as something that needs to be resolved right then and there. Others compartmentalize, procrastinate or, like me, simply do not have the mental energy to take it on.

It wasn’t until my father had some serious health issues of his own that I had my “epiphany”. To see someone you love in so much pain and to see their life forever altered by their health can have a profound effect on you. It’s something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy – so why was I setting myself down that path?

I knew I needed to lose weight. I also knew I had a lot to lose (figuratively and literally) and that I needed to make dramatic and aggressive changes to get healthy.

It has been a difficult struggle, but one that has been rewarding, not just for my physical health, but for my mental health as well as I have gotten more in touch with myself and my needs during this journey.

As part of the 30 Paintings in 30 Day Challenge, I have decided to express my journey over the past nine months through my art series, “Fat Girl Thin”. I invite you to like my Facebook page and to check back daily beginning September 1st, for a new post featuring a new painting and essay about this journey.

Amy Yosmali

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