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Renovation Update!


Up until now most of the work we have been doing renovating the former bar into an art gallery and studio has been for the most part lots, and lots of demo.  And although there is a lot of old going out, it’s nice to step back and enjoy the incoming new!  Today was such a day as we replaced the old St. Bernard CIC posters that were in our storefront windows with temporary posters that feature a close-up of one of my well-known paintings “Imagination” with teaser information about our gallery and studio coming soon!

We also have rough marked on the floor the floor plan.  For months we have only our imagination and printed plans to try to “visualize” how things will be.  It was pretty cool to have a quiet moment and stand in each room and see things in a whole new perspective!

It’s exciting to see things start to take shape – thanks for your interest and keep checking back!


AYDesign is a purveyor of original visual art created by Cincinnati native, and contemporary abstract artist Amy Yosmali. Amy Yosmali, been an art lover all her life, but it wasn’t until 2001 that she began to explore the visual arts, especially painting, as a medium of self-expression. While her initial artistic endeavors were in music, she now considers herself both a student and practitioner of the visual arts, especially contemporary abstract art. Formerly located at Essex Studios in Cincinnati for over 10 years, as of 2013 Amy now sells her art at AYDesign - Art On Vine® Studio & Gallery located in St. Bernard OH. The studio is open to visitors for a monthly “Open Gallery Night” every 3rd Friday of the month from 6-9pm, or by appointment.

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